Texas for the WIN in Last Night’s Special Election!

Texas for the WIN in Last Night’s Special Election!

January 29, 2020

You are a TEXAN. Your drive to fight for LIBERTY runs deep in your veins.

And when the anti-God, anti-Constitution, anti-Life Democrats send their big players into YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD to try and further destroy our country, YOU DON’T BACK DOWN.

The election results of the Texas State House of Representatives District 28 last night were astounding.

✅ Gary Gates, Republican – 58%

❌ Eliza Markowicz Democrat – 42%

That margin is more than wide – that is a gulf of a difference!

The Democrats sent in the most extreme of their national political players, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars:

  • Beto
  • Biden
  • Warren
  • Bloomberg
  • Wendy Davis

Yet you and your neighbors showed up to the polls for a state race to let your vote be a loud NO to the efforts of the socialist Democrats to flip Fort Bend County blue.

Come and take it Democrats!

Fort Bend County is part of Congressional District 22, where I’m running to be your next Congressman. Brazoria, Harris, and Fort Bend – all with portions located in CD-22 – are home to liberty-loving diehard Texans like YOU.

Because the Democrats are continuing their impeachment hoax in Washington D.C. right now, they will not listen to the voice of the voters. They care so much about their anti-American agenda that they will stop at nothing to elect more progressive socialists to office. They are already re-grouping to fight even harder to flip Fort Bend and the rest of CD22 blue in 2020.

President Trump is working around the clock to drain the swamp, and I’m working tirelessly to get to Washington D.C. to help him in that fight.