Kathaleen Wall with friends Dickey, Patrick, Armstrong, Brady and Culberson
Kathaleen Wall Conservative Republican for CD 22

Kathaleen Wall is a strong Texan, Texas A&M graduate, former salesperson for a semiconductor company, and married her husband Holly Frost 20 years ago.

Grassroots Republican

Kathaleen is a longtime grassroots Republican activist. Upon the sale of her husband Holloway (Holly) Frost’s computer company, Kathaleen began her tireless activism in the Republican party. Over the years, Holly and Kathaleen have helped various candidates get elected, and have helped universities, research institutions, and non-profits advance their mission, including: President Donald Trump, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Kevin Brady, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Texas Right to Life, Concerned Women for America, Houston Baptist University, Texas A&M University, the University of Texas at Arlington, and more.

History of Conservative Activism

Kathaleen Wall’s strong core of conservative values has enhanced her ability to help many Republicans. As the committee woman representing Senate District 17 (SD17) on the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), Kathaleen has been integral to advancing voter registration efforts and ensuring integrity is upheld in Texas elections. She has served as the Chairwoman for both the Election Integrity Working Group and the Voter Registration Working Group. Kathaleen spearheaded the effort to develop a training manual for the 254 Republican County Parties across the state to effectively and strategically register voters in the face of Democrat targeting. Having served as an election judge, Kathaleen was able to stop countless illegal voters in the 2016 election in Harris County.

Holly and Kathaleen are not stopping their support of Republican candidates and conservative non-profits anytime soon. As a sharp and tenacious engineer, Holly is currently working on a design with a research lab in Texas to provide clean, safe, affordable energy with a thorium reactor.

Kathaleen Wall is a rare breed grassroots activist whose servant heart has helped her meet the needs of Texans while preserving our conservative values.

Kathaleen Wall receiving award from Indian Community


Texas Inaugural Committee 2015
January 2015
Appointed by Governor-Elect Greg Abbott.

Empower Texans Conservative Leader Award
December 2018
One of a handful of grassroots, conservative leaders nominated for the award given each year at the Conservative Leaders Gala.

Women of Legacy
January 2017
Museum of the Bible

2016-2017 Hannah More Award
May 2016, September 2017
Acknowledged as top recruiter for Concerned Women of America, program which assists young conservative women to become leaders in conservative movement, along with Human Rights for All with Dr. Alveda King.

2014 & 2016 Honoree to Texas Federation of Republican Women
May 2014, May 2016
Honored by fellow Republican women.

2018 Spring Branch Republicans Award
March 2019

Kathaleen Wall for Congress out talking with voters

Volunteer Experience

State Republican Executive Committee Member – Senate District 17 Committeewoman
June 2018 – Present
Chair of Election Integrity Working Group
Chair of Voter Registration Working Group
Party Organization Committee Member
Candidate Resource Committee Member
Victory 2018 Fundraiser

Harris County Republican Party Precinct Chair 620
February 2011 – December 2013
Delegate to the Texas State Republican Convention
August 2012 Alternate Delegate to the National Convention in Tampa, FL
Honored by State Rep. Jim Murphy for work as Precinct Chair with State of Texas HR 1704
Harris County Republican Party Candidates Committee Member

Harris County Republican Party Precinct Chair 942
March 2013 – Present
Supported Senator Ted Cruz in 2016 Presidential Primary
Served on Harris County Republican Party Leadership Council
Delegate to the Texas State Republican Convention
Member of Harris County Republican Party Cornerstone Club

Ways and Means, Programs Chair, Campaign Activities Chair, Americanism Chair, Grassroots Volunteer for Village Republican Women
January 2011 – Present

Kathaleen Wall educating voters

Business Experience

Co-founder, evaluator, investor of multiple high-tech startups to enable breakthrough technology
January 2014 – Present
Exploring the use of adult stem cells via the highest caliber of research to treat traumatic brain injury, stroke and other lifelong disabling neurological conditions. The long-term goal is to help make breakthrough medical advancements FDA approved and part of standard patient care at an affordable cost.

Sales Coordinator
Texas Memory Systems
June 2011 – June 2012
Liaison between TMS Executive Team and TMS Sales Department with main focus on business development. Texas Memory Systems designs and builds solid-state storage systems for accelerating essential enterprise applications. The award-winning RamSan product line, known as “The World’s Fastest Storage®,” delivers fast, reliable, and economical solutions to a broad base of enterprise and government clients worldwide. Founded in 1978, Texas Memory Systems continues to architect and engineer the future of solid-state storage.

Manufacturer Representative
Technical Marketing Inc
July 1998 – July 2007
Built and motivated a successful business using strategic business development methods and collaboration via direct account management and coordination of distribution account management teams. Primary focus was semiconductor sales to electronic research, design and manufacturing facilities. Won multiple awards and accreditation meeting and exceeding performance goals and expectations.

Field Sales Representative
Arrow Electronics
June 1990 – June 1997
Successful business development responsibility for both semiconductor and computer hardware sales. Won multiple national awards and prizes for exceeding design development and sales goals. Supported clients’ hardware research and development teams to enable their design of new products using semiconductor and computer hardware items that Arrow Electronics represented. Partnered with procurement and logistics to enable efficiencies of their manufacturing processes using products and services that Arrow Electronics represented.

Kathaleen Wall voter registration